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United States Number One Human Rights Violator

By Josep Leonardi

There is no behavior of the United States in the world that will not ultimately become a dilemma of the world. In cases Middle East, Eastern Europe, East Asia issue and so on, the role the U.S. is always the specter of stability for the region. Damage to nature, human rights violations, colonialism and economic struggle over access to oil and so the mission became the main stage in U.S. politics outside of his country.

In the example of cases such as Grenada, El Salvador and Nicaragua. Can be seen even if there is no economic benefits promised, but the independence of third-world countries that are not tied to Washington will get the stigma "dangerous." Countries such as this will not be a partner. Threat to the economic embargo military invasion should be ready to pay. Economic factors into the number two, the strategy is considered to be important.

Post-fall of the Soviet Union marked the destroy Berlin wall, it appeared that U.S. policy does not change. In 1993 they attacked the Somalia intervention with a follow up to re-state political map.

Take the U.S. also intervened to quell a resistance movement in Peru, Mexico, Colombia, and Ecuador. This is done in Latin America in the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s and 1990s.

After the U.S. bombing of Iraq ply 1991. Inbreak invansi this done before the U.S. over Iraq now. U.S. to establish military base in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman and United Arab Emirates. Operation desert storm and then been back until now.

Participate in the conflict in Yugoslavia in 1999 that the country is finally broken. U.S. weapons to establish base in Kosovo, Georgia, Albania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Hungary, Bosnia, and Croatia. Then after invation to Afghanistan in 2001 to the present. U.S. to establish military base in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Yemen and Djibouti.

In Japan, South Korea, Taiwan also established U.S. base militernya. Even Yukosuka U.S. marine base in Japan serve as the central nuclear power in East Asia. Many of the nuclear aircraft carrier strength through here, as an example Up Ship USS George Washington.

Social Democratic Party leader Mizuho Fukushima in a speech on the demonstration said that, "One of the nuclear aircraft carrier is more dangerous rather than nuclear power generation." In connection with the war, which is always globar U.S. forces participate in Japan, he also commented, "Japan, which has a constitution of peace, must not engage in war is not worth the U.S.."

Most severe human rights violations by the U.S. in the land of Vietnam. On the basis of the alleged perpetrator Vietnamn as idiologi communist and socialist. AS many committed crimes during the war in Vietnam during the war, including the use of chemical weapons is illegal.

Between the years 1662 and 1971, the U.S. 19 million gallon spill toxic plants (herbicide) in Vietnam, and the most vicious is 12 million gallons agent orange (with a degree toxic herbicide that is very strong), which contains dioksin, toxic damage to the nerve center of the order and crippling the body's immune system, cause cancer, diabetes, chronic bronchitis, heart rate is not uniform, lower IQ in children, babies born with disabilities, brain damage, chipped, cataracts, and foot disability.

Of two million people killed during the Vietnam war period, around one million were victims of agent orange. In addition to agent orange spread to every corner of Vietnam, more than twenty times the U.S. special forces using sarin nerve gas to the Vietnamese army and civilians.

Just remind, this is the gas that is released in the morning in March 1995 in the Tokyo subway station by the Aum Shinrikyo sect pursuivant, a religious sect led by Shoko Asahara. This event killed 12 people and injure 5,000 people at that time the other pack subwey station. Previous year, with the same gas, this cohort sect kill 7 people in the city Marsumoto.

Paris treaties signed on 27 January 1973, and with the United States troops should be withdrawn from Vietnam. Two years later, on 30 April 1975, Sigon fall and the Vietnam War ended with the North Vietnamese victory.

Not mean the war's end the suffering of Vietnam. Victims of stay fell after that. During the war, the United States inject 19 million gallons agent orange in order to destroy enemy food and protection. Toxic plant still good to work with for many years after the war, and already reaching the third generation of victims to this day.

In November 2000, the Clinton visit to Vietnam, the BBC reports about agent orange and heritage memajang on its website a number of photos of Vietnamese children born with a disability. To Tien Hoa, a grandfather aged 65 years who spent the seven years of combat against the United States, said that he repeatedly spraying with agent orange. "My child was born disabled and now the foot of my grandson does not have legs, hands, while the disabled," the BBC quoted as saying. "I believe this because of agent orange."

Chris Hatfield, a Canadian, has conducted a thorough survey of agent orange, mainly in the areas the former U.S. air base storage herbicide. He said that the place is indeed very tercemar toxic chemicals and poisons on the dioksin is not really reduced at all. "Dioksin move from land to the dam and sediment into the body of the fish are kept in the dam, and then into the blood and breast milk," he said.

"The Vietnamese government can not do anything for cleaning," said Professor Le Cao Dai, executive director of the Agent Orange Victims Fund and one of the people of Vietnam who is expert in the problems. To remove the poison, he said, the land that must be heated tercemari with a very high temperature, this is certainly an expensive process. Moreover, the area that contamination and a very wide spread. Many disabled people born in the villages that are toxic victim.

Outside of Agent Orange are the other U.S. legacy of Vietnam that still there is a long bercokol landmines. Mine is mine, planted by the U.S. army, can explode at any time and ask the victim. Hoan Quang Sy, 11 years old. Loss of left hand due to the remaining landmine explosion Vietnam war. President Clinton saw the child handshake poke him when he visited Vietnam in November 2000.

Clinton also met with Nguyun Huynh Duc who lost their eyes and hands, and also met with Nguyen Duc Hoa propriety of a burn. Both were aged 12 years. Mine-mine that does not explode in the war still killing about 2,000 people a year in Vietnam.

However, even though many mines are still very dangerous U.S. still does not want to sign an agreement that the use of landmines is not legitimate. United States has a stock of landmines is 11 million. Though Clinton has visited Vietnam but there is never a word that shows seuntai apology to the country of Vietnam. Moreover, the period after President George Bush in power, than never be said that. Bush said that Vietnam is an example of the disobedient.

There is still one more weapons of mass destruction that the U.S. used in Vietnam, namely White phosphorus. Chemicals is a chemical element that has the symbol P with atomic number 15.Fosfor form nonlogam, bervalensi many, including the nitrogen, found in many inorganic phosphate rock and in all living cells, but never found free in the form of the element.

Phosphorus is reactive, emit phosphorescent light when the weak to join with oxygen, is found in many forms, and is a key element in living things. Usefulness of phosphorus is important in making fertilizer, and is widely used in explosive materials, lighter, fireworks, pesticides, toothpaste, and detergents.

If used as a weapon, for example, included in the bomb's effects of white phosphorus bombs used by the army of Israel to kill Palestinian people will continue to burn as long as there is an oxygen, and when the victim is exposed to dust do this, will continue as long as there is still a burn oxygen in the body, even bone effect, and is going slowly.

Chemical powder is never used on U.S. troops at war against the forces of Vietnam and Iraq. Of course the use of these weapons are very cruel, as not only a means to kill but also will greatly harm the victim, which in turn killed.

In other places at this time, the U.S. is also struggling to maintain a territory that does not legitimately be carried out by Israel against the Palestinian nation that the military is weak and resources. They must face the war machine-made sophisticated U.S.. As the aggression of Israel recently in Gaza that killed thousands of civilians of children and women. What is done by the Israel government is approved by Bush and Obama.

We must also remember about Guantanamo, a detention camp terkejam in the world. Camp Guantanamo Bay detainee who made the U.S. Navy base, and there were about 9500 people marine. U.S. authorized to rent this base navy Guantanamo Cuba's government before Castro. Castro does not recognize the agreement, but he does not freeze the soldiers drive out the U.S. because the U.S. quibble that the lease agreement that protected the official and international law. A falsehood that is very real.

Then, since the beginning of the year 2002, the Guantanamo prison life made the most barbaric in the world. In place hidden about 500 prisoners accused of the U.S. as a terrorist. Custody of the accused is not through the court process is fair. All detainees average arrested casually and directly hold. Although President Obama has decided to close the camp, but until now the status of detainees are still float. In general, these prisoners experienced physical damage and shockingly heavy.

Difficult to rationally accepted sense of the people who did not experience World War II victory. The effects of World War II still continued to build the empire without a nation of human rights violation in which the m-ana. That is the United States human rights violator of the bully who would claim to human rights as a supervisor.
Reasonable only if the Chinese government recently protest actions with the world, the U.S. statement, "Stop U.S. as supervisory human rights!"

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