Kamis, 18 September 2008

Relation of Caucasus Crisis with Increase of Mccain Polling

by Sumantiri B. Sugeo

That way vowel Mccain alleging and mortify Russia as guilty have conducted invansion to Georgia. Mccain also allege Putin must responsibility for flaming up again of cold war which have extinguished.

Mc Cain conduct this non aimlessly his career. In the last opinion footstep. Polling of general election president after Georgia attack South Ossetia, that causing Russia reaction to conduct action security for South Ossetia show improvement signifikan support for Mccain compared to Obama.

Even to be optimal of improvement of his support at the polling. Joke of Mc Cain continuously with curse and urge Russia to go out from Georgia although after of armed peace Russia - Georgia which initiative by France, yielding readiness of Russia by self to go out from Georgia. After Russia go out from Georgia even also, McCain just still screaming to Russia for go out from Georgia, in order to non-stoped to harvest his support in an optimal support. Though the this brief war make only army Russia of just few days stepped in Georgia, to ensure that Georgian military will not attack return to Ossetia South.

This matter is triggering protest from Obama Team, whos Mccain run wild two-bit and will only net foolish supporter and do not know last information that happened in Caucasus.

We need trace his vowel in Caucasus case carefully. There is something about Cheney arrival to Georgia some times then before Georgia attacted South Ossetia. White House person and one of Republic Party, who delivering one best packet order safety to Shakasvilli in the form of guarantee become member of NATO, military aid, fund reconstruction after aid fight, and the aid of backing up Georgian international politics diplomacy as " Russia victim" in international eye.

Various this guarantee give influence mean for Shakasvilli to conduct action which dare to invation to Ossetia of South which in fact have independenced since year war 1991 - 1992.

Finally order this realized by Shakasvilli to make Ossetia of South as victim for the shake of reaching of Georgian target into NATO member. This case as a bridge and test for Georgia as west ideology follower meekly and to ensure Gergian not back to Russian block.

At dark night where biggest of part of resident and military of South Ossetia not ready with well-sleep, Georgia conduct incursion. This matter is decided by Shakasvilli as effort minimize victim sided by Georgia and optimal of victim in South Ossetia.

Perforcedly because condition to be involved, Russia finally could be fished by a exit and did reaction for what conducted by Georgia. The moment for reversing result polling of general election of US president, in other dissimilar region, leftly suffery and hurtly for South Ossetia peoples, Georgian, and of course the Russian too.

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