Jumat, 27 Juni 2008


By Heri Hidayat Makmun

Nationality Crisis which we feel in this time very influenced by political factor and the security which still unsavely. After change reform era which signifikan in system have state to and go into society have altered paradigm to thinking of most of all child nation this. Wind democratize really bring us to freedom of talking, to choosing and etc, doing and conversing which more than the freedom rate which still place forward others basic rights.

Existing freedom now that is freedom with cleening others basic human rights, destroy integrity of nation, heating atmosphere, libeling, influencing people to be anarchic, teaching people (in order) not to meekly the regulation and law, founding the NGO that are confusing atmosphere, forbidden organizational fund, letting and fishing people to conflict, accepting foreign fund to run the foreign mission anti NKRI (Integrity of Nation), supporting GAM/OPM/RMS (Prohibited Organization), including religion teaching which out of the target/right, founding soldier militerisme civil, obliging the party member for follow to no vote (golput) and etcetera. incomingly to disband this nation is clear so devilment and endanger.

In fact the Indonesia people only require just matter modestly, that people only need eat and can run this life fairly, but our elite brainwash something way of nation going to ruination. Ruination of a faction, party, clan don't be contagious become ruination nation. If a group will fall to pieces please fall to pieces, but allly break this nation is very hopeless people deed harm all people suffer this.

Let us clear thinking return for this nation. Stop hardness, stop hot issue, stop birth, stop roaring Regional Leader Election (Pilkada), stop, stop, our stop...Let's hold our chest, discontinuing a moment the abundant heart pulsation. In order to our adrenalin do not too much mastering us. Let us look into to the fore our generation child to be heavier again in face of this life from our generation. Dear Their! Bring they go to the glory in one's cap non ruination! Reanimating to feel our togetherness! Feel our nationality...

Come on walk arm in arm in warm feeling of and bring nation with peace way. Perhaps come on the step return with smile...

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