Minggu, 04 Mei 2008

Indonesia's Bilateral Relationship with East Asia and the Pacific.

* Indonesia holds the particular interest towards the region to grow dynamically mainly in the economic field within a political stability which would be conducive for Indonesia to attain its national interest.

* To foster bilateral, regional and international relation and cooperation on every domain as well as to raise Indonesia’s initiatives and contribution to the maintaining of the international peace and stability.

* To increase and to undertake sustainable activities aimed at forging cooperation starting with the closest concentric circle by taking into deep consideration the potential strength of the region beyond. Efforts to strengthen cooperation in ASEAN have to be undertaken simultaneously along with the expansion of bilateral cooperation with countries in the region including countries in Southwest Pacific, Middle East, and Africa.

* To increase the implementation of border diplomacy by concentrating on demarcation and delineation as well as by managing development in border areas as to bring the maximum benefits for Indonesia.

* To promote amity with countries in the Pacific region as well as with the member countries of APEC, IOR-ARC, and SWPD. To approach the Melanesian forum in the efforts to maintain and strengthen supports to the sovereignty and integrity of the NKRI (Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia).

Source : Setditjen ASPASAF

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