Sabtu, 10 Mei 2008

Britain Seeks Closer Military Ties

The Indonesian and British militaries will soon formulate an agreement in the framework of a strategic partnership both countries agreed in March 2006, the Indonesian Armed Forces (TNI) commander said Thursday, Antara reported.

"We agreed to increase and expand fields of cooperation that have been established between the Indonesian and the British armed forces," TNI commander Gen. Djoko Santoso said at a joint press conference with British Armed Forces Commander Marshal Jock Stirrup after a meeting with Defense Minister Juwono Sudarsono.

Santoso said that the strategic partnership included maritime defense and security cooperation.

Stirrup said relations between the two countries had been running well and would be further expanded in the future. He said cooperation was important for the two countries to face global security challenges.

He said the Asia Pacific region was a strategic area which played an important role in global security stability.

On weaponry, Stirrup said that he understood Indonesia's military need for sufficient reliable armaments to equip its defense system. "We are happy that we can exchange experience on equipment and armaments such as reconnaissance weapons," he said.

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